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150‘’-500‘’ large size power motorized projector screen custom 4K/UHD remote control intelligent projector screen

LC2 series large size motorized projection screen with IR/FR remote control

LC series Large Motorized Projection Screen is a tab-tensioned motorized screen designed for some commercial venues.For example, large stage performances, churches, conference halls, exhibition halls, government halls and so on.

Motor in roller design – Special Motor in roller design keeps quiet and smooth operation.
Stylish and durable – The strong steel case is stylish and durable, available in black color. The strong bottom bar will retract into the case as a cover.
Equipped with quiet tubular motor – Equipped with quiet tubular motor keeps a quiet operation.
Unique roller design ensures the flattest screen surface – Large diameter rollers ensure long-term screen integrity providing a consistent flat projection surface.
Custom size /OEM/ODM available.
Equipped with IR/RF control, support 12V trigger port and 485/232 Integrated control.

◆ High strength large diameter tube, avoid long tube bending down of the middle
◆ Large torque tubular motor, smooth running.
◆ Unique large screen fabric, flexible, flatness and eco-friendly.
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 Product Model  LC2 series
 Product Size 150‘’-500 ‘’
 Product Format : 16:9 /4:3 /2.35:1 /custom
 Housing material : Hexagonal iron
 Screen surface material: 4K/HD matte white fabric,white acoustically  perforated fabric, 3D silver fabric ,HD fiber glass fabric.
 Motor : Silent tubular motor
 Remote control: IR /RF remote control
 4K/HD :  YES
Packing : Carton /wooden box
Warranty  1 year
When screen size less than 300 inch , screen housing is Hexagonal iron structure ;
Screen size from 325”-500 ” ,the screen housing is truss structure.
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