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Quality control from purchase to delivery
Ever wonder how your new product gets safely to your door? Here, even before you place your order – whether as a wholesaler, distributor, or just someone looking to buy the latest product – our products are streamlined into one system, from procurement to delivery, checked and double checked for quality.

Purchase your products

While you are browsing a wide variety of products from the comfort of your own office or home, we are already busy selecting the best products at the best prices, all for you, the customer. With offices in Shenzhen and Beijing, we work with the best and most trusted manufacturers in China, we choose their products for quality, reputation, reliability, and whether they serve customers like you as enthusiastically as we do.

After a rigorous inspection and review process, we know the products that consumers are interested in and we offer you unbeatable prices because we source directly from the manufacturer. We also plug into the market news wire for hot new lines, the latest designs, and the best quality products. The result is that shoppers can find almost anything at Xiongyun, from consumer electronics and high-end technology products to clothing, wedding clothes and crafts.

Process your product orders

Click “Complete order” and your friends in Xiongyun will immediately start processing your order. One employee checks the details of the order to see if there is anything that might delay processing, while another speeds up the removal of inventory from the shelves. At the same time, your order confirmation email will have arrived in your inbox.

Test your product

Although our suppliers are trusted manufacturers of quality products, we will not take any chances with your specific order. All products are subject to detailed quality control procedures:

Everything is first sent to our international distribution center, where a trained inspection team evaluates your product according to strict protocols and inspection requirements. And our requirements are high: only 80% of the products initially selected have been approved by us at this stage, what requirements do we have for your order? Before we start packing, we check thoroughly to match the order correctly. Your product is then inspected internally and externally by our own quality control team according to strict protocols and requirements. If the product meets our standards, we approve it. Now I’m ready to give you good luck!
Quality control agreement Outline

Package your product

Even if we say so ourselves, our packaging and delivery teams run like clockwork. Before shipping, we always carefully check for any manufacturing and design defects to ensure that the item you fall in love with online is the item you received from our couriers. Our team members check the order sheet against the original online purchase confirmation and then check the product taken off the shelf to make sure it matches the listed product.

Then, and only then, does the team begin to wrap the order, folding it up (often more) with bubble wrap and tape. Next, it will be delivered safely in the hands of our trusty couriers.

Track your products

Once your product leaves our door, we’ll keep track of it until it reaches your doorstep. Our customer service team is always working behind the scenes to meet your every need and query. We track your shipments in real time and answer any questions you have at your convenience, whether via email, live chat or phone. No matter what problem you encounter, we will serve you.




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