Xiong-Yun has many years of experience in manufacturing exports and has accumulated a wealth of experience in customization services. Xiong-Yun with a professional R&D team of more than 20 technicians and engineers, and obtained more than 60 technical patents, passed the certificates of ISO9001:2015, CE, UL, SGS, Rohs, SAA, etc., with 20 production lines and an annual production capacity of 200,000 sets. We pride ourselves on providing fast and accurate audiovisual products. Our product service is very flexible. We can provide OEM/ODM/OBM/EMS services and other customization services for unique or challenging business requirements. We always track new trends and developments in the audiovisual market, so we can offer our customers one-stop industry-leading services for purchasing our products.

High Quality Ultra-Thin Frame Projection Screen ZHK100B Series Installation Video- Guangzhou Xiong-Yun Audio-Visual

The guidance video of ultra-thin fixed frame projector screen ZHK100B series installation

Product Testing

We have good quality control in production. All the raw materials are examined when they arrives at our company, to ensure that they have reached customers' requirements. When the product is finished, our quality controller performs a visual check on the finished screen carefully to make the screen qualified before packing. For motorized screen, we test it and make sure the motor works well, measure the screen to make sure the size is correct. For big size or customized size screens, we will assemble it and send some pictures to our customers before shipping. If any quality problem occurs, the QC team will record in a report, discuss about the solution, and find out a way to avoid that problem happen again. Therefore, our customers feel satisfied and secure about our products.

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