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Online Purchase Process


Registration / login

  • New users fill in the details on the registration page, submit and complete the account registration, and the existing account can be directly logged in to purchase.
  • HCF users are divided into enterprise account and individual account, enterprise account orders enjoy 98% discount, individual account orders without discount, but can apply to upgrade to enterprise account.
  • After completing the account registration, your exclusive account manager will be displayed in the lower left corner of my account page. If you have any questions, please contact your account manager for one-to-one answers.


  • You can also enter the product model or product ID in the search box to find the products.

Place Order

  • Fill in the detailed receiving address and billing information on the order submission page.
  • Select the payment method and complete the payment. The order is submitted successfully.

Delivery / Sign in

  • Goods in stock are usually delivered within 1-3 working days after successful payment. Please contact your account manager for the specific delivery cycle of non stock goods.
  • HCF guarantees the integrity of the package when the goods are delivered. In order to protect your rights and interests, please check whether the package is in good condition and whether the type and quantity of goods are consistent with the order when you receive the package. If you have any problem, please contact your account manager within 24 hours, so as to solve it for you as soon as possible.

Invoice / Post

  • The invoice will not be sent together with the goods. Generally, the invoice will be issued and sent separately about one week after the order is signed.

Invoice Type

HCF provides regular invoices approved by tax authorities. This invoice can be used as the unit reimbursement voucher, also can ensure that you fully enjoy the after-sales service provided by our company, please keep it properly. HCF can provide ordinary VAT invoice (e-invoice is issued by default) and special VAT invoice. Please select according to the regulations on the order submission page and confirm the invoice information you need to issue.

Invoice Rules

HCF all receipts are in Chinese mainland and the order for payment in Renminbi is issued in regular form. The content of the invoice is the model and name of the goods you purchased, which cannot be modified.

Questions & Answers


Does electronic invoice have legal effect?


According to the regulations of the State Administration of Taxation, if the drawer and the drawee of VAT electronic invoice need paper invoice, they can print the format document of VAT electronic ordinary invoice by themselves. Its legal effect, basic use and basic use regulations are the same as those of VAT general invoice supervised by tax authorities. The electronic invoice issued by HCF is true and valid legal invoice, which has the same legal effect as the traditional paper invoice, and can be used as the effective evidence of user reimbursement and rights protection.


Does the order ship the invoice to the user at the same time?


The invoice is not sent together with the order goods. It is usually issued about one week after the order is signed and sent to you in the form of SF express. It is generally delivered within 15 working days after the completion of your order (if there is a slight delay in holidays). If you need to invoice in advance or do not receive an invoice, please contact your account manager.


Can I modify the invoice after placing the order?


After the general order is submitted successfully, the invoice header cannot be modified. Other billing information needs to be modified by contacting the customer manager before issuing the invoice.




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