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Movie Theater Curved Projector Screen CHK80C Series

Fixed frame screens are designed for permanent installations where the screen is mounted directly to a wall. Unlike manual pull-down or electric screens, the fabric is pulled tight with industrial velvet to ensure the entire surface is kept flat. The frame has been covered with velvet to ensure that no light is reflected maximising the quality of the projected image.

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Product Advantages

XY Screens Curved Fixed Frame Projector Screen adds a flare of style and ambiance to any Home Theater or Auditorium application. Creating the effect of enveloping the audience with its curved corners, the screen wraps the viewer in a full panoramic experience. The CHK Series Curved Frame projector screen design enhances the aesthetic appeal, while also optimizing light reflectivity towards the audience.

Compared to flat screen, curved screen can do larger size in the same space, for example, in a 128 inch wide space, the maximum of flat screen is only do 128 inch wide, but the curved screen can do 130 inch wide.

We offer various types of screen surfaces to suit your viewing environment. Different surfaces are available for different frames:

HK80C-WF1 Pro (4K white), WF1 Pro Max4K HG (high-end cinema high gain white), Black Crystal (4K ALR), Sound Max4K (4K Sound acoustic screen), Sound Max5 (4K perforation acoustics), Sound Max5 HG (High gain 4K perforated acoustic screen), MFS1 (3D Silver Metal perforated Acoustics).

Installation is easy – With its easy and adjustable fabric spring system, our Fixed Frame Screen is perfectly and permanently tensioned, the users are able to set up in seconds.

Flexible adjustment – Screen could slide along the specially designed brackets to achieve a best view position, also available as an in-wall display.

  • Four Sided Tension Design – Spring System
    The tension springs along with the fixing lugs stretching and tightening the fabric to make the screen surface completely flat and wrinkle-free


◆ In order to facilitate transport, horizontal frame of 120″+ will be jointed by two or three pieces to reduce the total length

  • Specificationa:
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color: Black / White / Grey / Orange / Blue / Golden Velvet
Size: 80-200 inch / customized
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 / 16:10 / 4:3 / 1:1 / 2.35:1 / customized
Frame Width: 80mm
HD: Yes
3D: Yes
4K: Different fabrics are optional

  • Installation Accessories:

  • Size Datasheet:

Supporting Customized Size

Size From 80″ to 200″ are available in any ratio

  • Package:





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Movie Theater Curved Projector Screen

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